Terms and conditions

Food & Beverage exhibitor stands

  • Exhibitors must carry and clearly display all required licences/certificates etc for Clarence Valley Council’s Health Inspector or equivalent authority.

  • Heating appliances/fryers etc to be out of reach of public.

  • Electrical appliances and leads, gas bottles, appliances and lines must be inspected by a qualified technician for compliance with WH&S requirements and tagged accordingly.

  • Random checks from the Health Department can be expected.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for removing own rubbish from the venue.



  • Exhibitors requiring power need to advise organiser so you can be placed close to an outlet.

  • Exhibitors to provide own extension cables covering distances advised by the Event Manager.

  • Exhibitors cannot increase equipment/power use without prior application.

  • Exhibitors should carry appropriate safety equipment e.g. extinguishers etc.


Conduct & Conflict Resolution

  • We ask that everyone conduct themselves in a cordial and mutually respectful manner.

  • Any issues, disputes or grievances between Exhibitors or with G2P Management &/or Staff should be brought to the Event Manager’s attention for resolution.

  • The Event Manager will deny attendance to, or remove any Exhibitor behaving in a manner considered to be dangerous or offensive to the public or that is deemed to reflect badly on the reputation of G2P or is in breach of law.

  • If you wish to dispute a decision you can do so by addressing a letter to the, The Secretary, The Gallery Foundation PO Box 825, Grafton NSW 2464

General Guidelines

  • Event Manager to be advised of any changes being considered to product lines other than those originally noted on application form.

  • All Exhibitors are responsible for leaving site clear and rubbish free before departing.

  • A site is allocated by the Event Manager who reserves the right to relocate that site if required.

  • No domestic animals permitted in the venue.

  • No animals or livestock can be sold.

  • No open fires.

  • The Event Manager reserves the right to deny access to G2P to any Exhibitor on the grounds of product/service, safety, health, space restrictions within park or guidelines breach.

  • The Event Manager reserves the right to alter times, sites, guidelines at little or no notice.

  • Smile, have a great day and happy trading!