Exhibitor information pack

Event program requirements

Daytime Expo

  • Northern Rivers based businesses with a unique artisan style product range.

  • No fee to exhibit.

  • Supply of tasting samples at no charge to visitors during the exhibition.

  • Promotion of local stockist and product range.

  • Sales of product to visitors on the day.


Master Class

  • No fee to present a master class, between 45-60 minutes in duration.

  • Supply of tasting samples at no charge to class.

  • Must be prepared with an interesting story to tell about the business and product range.

  • A large screen TV is available for visual presentations.

  • Demonstrate product recipes and/or do tastings and matchings.

  • Provide notes/recipe handouts on master class topic/product.


Cooking demonstrations

  • No fee to participate in cooking demonstrations, up to 25 minutes in duration.

  • Organise with Event Manager and/or guest chef to present an interesting story and/or Q&A session about your business and recipe.

  • Prepare recipe cards / hand out notes for customers.


Roman Banquet

  • No fee to participate in Roman Banquet.

  • Supply of product by arrangement with Event Manager.

  • Venue closes at 5pm for reset / cooking for 7pm dinner.

  • One dish / drink per customer to be prepared by Exhibitor and/or guest chef either on the premises or beforehand.

  • Guest seating will be spread out with some tables available. The idea of this style of service is to encourage diners to mingle and chat with exhibitors, another opportunity for customer engagement!! 

Event details (ABC)



If required there are many local options from camp and caravan parks, hotels / motels and real-estate managed apartments.

Admission Policy (for general public)

Gate to Plate is an adult focussed foodie event where alcohol is consumed. Artworks and sculptures will be on exhibition. Live entertainment. Visitors need to be aware that small children are to be supervised at all times.

Advertising & promotion

Comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the event, with content created for social media channels, ABC radio, 2GF & local 2 TLCFM radio, local newspapers The Daily Examiner and The Independent, posters/flyers/brochures delivered to holiday accommodation as well as businesses around the Clarence Valley and beyond. Exhibitors to provide high quality images, business logos, product information and stories to support content generation (see Promotion by Exhibitors).


Exhibitors of wine, spirits and beer may provide samples to visitors during the open hours of the show providing they hold suitable licenses, meet all the sampling regulations and hold a current RSA certificate. The Gallery Foundation will apply for a Liquor Licence for the event and also has volunteers with RSL certificates.

Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment for the Master Classes is available for use by prior arrangement.

The ‘Cooking Demonstration Station’ includes amplified sound for each of Exhibitor to use.


Automatic Teller Machines are located at the shopping centre in Treelands Drive.

Bump-in / Bump-out

Bump-in will begin at 7am as the venue opens. Exhibitors have until 8.45am to install their equipment, stands and to prepare sampling and sales for visitors. The venue opens at 9am and the first Master Class begins at 9.30am. We recommend you bring a trolley to move equipment and boxes between your vehicle and Expo stand. Don't rush - it compromises safety and security.

Bump-out will begin once all visitors have left the building at 9.15pm. We know you want to clear your stand quickly but please be patient and do not pack up early. The first half hour seems hectic but then it all settles down. Here are some tips:

  • Don't rush - it compromises safety and security.

  • Bring boxes, tape and marker pens in after the show closes.

  • Pack your items into boxes, write your name on the boxes and stack them.

  • Don't leave your stand until all valuable items have been removed and boxes marked.

  • Make sure you have completed packing before bringing your vehicle to the loading dock. Avoid the dock if possible - if it is safe then carry items to the car park instead.

  • You have until 10.30pm to pack up and remove all your goods.

Catering Equipment and serving materials

Exhibitors, Master Class providers and cooking demonstrators need to provide equipment for their stand. The venue features a small kitchen with basic equipment. BBQs and refrigeration will be provided by the organisers. Please liaise with the Event Manager to discuss your requirements. The Gallery Foundation will provide eco-friendly serving materials and cutlery.


Work Health & Safety regulations make it inappropriate for children to be present during the bump-in and bump-out period. This means they are not permitted into the hall during these times, even if accompanied by an Exhibitor. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Cleaning and rubbish bins

Stand cleaning is required of all Exhibitors, Master Class providers and cooking demonstrators. Some extra help will be made available. Please maintain your area including floors during the event. The organisers will supply rubbish bins in the main aisles. However, if you are generating a significant amount of rubbish we recommend you bring a bin for your stand. There will be limited space in Council-provided bins. To avoid overflow, we request that Exhibitors take as much of their rubbish with them as possible.

Dates & Times

For a successful exhibition it is important that everyone work to the same timetable. Please take note of the following times (subject to changes communicated by Event Manager) and share them with all your staff and suppliers:

  • Exhibitor bump-in: Saturday 7.00 – 8.45am

  • Safety check: 8.45am

  • Exhibition open: 9am

  • Exhibition close: 4pm

  • Master classes: 9.30 – 4.30pm

  • Venue closes for reset: 5pm

  • Venue opens for Roman Banquet: 6.30pm

  • Roman Banquet: 7 – 9pm

  • Exhibitor bump-out: 9.15pm

  • Venue cleared: 11pm


Delivering your stock to the exhibition needs to be carefully managed to ensure it does not get lost or damaged. A lot of stock will be arriving at one time and needs to be unloaded at the front doors of the venue and then delivered to your stand. Please ensure your car isn’t blocking other exhibitors. The organiser cannot accept goods on your behalf.

Emergencies and medical assistance

In the event of an emergency please alert one of our security staff or the Event Manager, who will contact the appropriate emergency services. They also have access to qualified first aid providers.

Exhibitor lanyards

The organisers will provide you with exhibitor lanyards to allow easy entry to the halls and visitor identification. Please order lanyards for all your staff before the exhibition and collect them from the organiser’s office when you arrive. Extra lanyards can be organised at the show but there may be delays.

Exhibitor shower

If you need to refresh after the show and before the Roman Banquet, there is a shower at the venue. Please bring your own towel and toiletries.

Floor plan

A map will be sent to Exhibitors prior to the event.


Exhibitors will have a table and chair provided. If you require more then you should bring extra equipment.


Bottled gas may be used to power cooking appliances on your stand. Gas bottles must be in good condition. You must have a fire extinguisher on your stand and staff may have to undergo a simple induction onsite. A BBQ will be provided by the organisers.

Insurance – People

To protect you and our visitors it is a strict requirement that every Exhibitor has public liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million for any single claim occurring during the event. Please check with your insurer and ask for a Certificate of Currency that specifically covers this event. A copy of your policy must be held by organisers.

Insurance – Property

The venue will have security operating throughout the show period. However, Exhibitors should insure their stock and equipment. The organisers and venue cannot take any responsibility for damage, loss, harm or injury to your people or goods. Note that public liability insurance does not automatically cover property.


If you need reliable internet access on your stand we suggest you bring your own mobile broadband device. Wireless internet is available at the venue, although this can become overloaded with multiple devices connected.

Loading area (dock)

Loading areas are at the front and rear entrances of the Treelands Drive complex. These will be indicated on the site map. To ensure a smooth flow of vehicles, parking is not permitted in these areas. You are asked to drop off your goods and then move to the free car parks.

Work Health & Safety

Our aim is to create and maintain a safe working environment for all exhibitors, contractors and visitors. To do this we need everyone to be vigilant and follow safety directions. This is also a legal requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Here are some tips:

  • During the bump-in and bump-out, we recommend you wear a high visibility vest.

  • Please wear proper closed shoes or boots.

  • Please be especially vigilant around vehicles, major machinery and elevated areas. This is where serious accidents may happen.

  • Exhibitors and staff must not be affected by alcohol or drugs.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the venue or within 5 meters of any entry/exit door.

  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted within the venue during bump-in and bump-out.

  • Exhibitors and contractors may be asked to complete a short induction to familiarise with venue-related safe working practices. 

Organisers’ Office

The organisers will have an office at the exhibition to assist you with any questions. The office is located off the main hall.


Car parking is available for exhibitors and visitors in the areas surrounding the venue, around the adjacent Health Centre and TAFE buildings, as well as along Treelands Drive.


Please advise the Event Manager of your power requirements well before the event.

Testing of leads: All electrical equipment, appliances and leads used at the venue must be tested and tagged in accordance with Australian Standard 3760. 

Promotion by Exhibitors

The organisers will undertake a marketing and promotion campaign to attract visitors. Your contribution to this effort will amplify the message to potential visitors and help drive traffic to your stand. Here are some suggestions:

  • Display our show logo on your website and link to our website or Instagram page.

  • Create posts on your social media channels and share posts from ours.

  • Send a personal email to all your clients highlighting the event.

  • Put a note on your invoices.

  • Add a show logo to any advertising you are running.

Refrigeration and food prep areas

If you require refrigeration at your stand, please provide your own unit. Organisers will provide a mobile cool room stationed outside the venue, accessible from the main hall. A kitchen is available for food preparation however there is only a basic domestic oven and refrigerator and sink.


Sampling is a very effective way to attract visitors to your stand and promote your products. However, it is important that you are well prepared to ensure you meet demand, meet all the regulations and provide a safe product. It can seem daunting but if you follow the rules it is quite straightforward. This section will help guide you through the process.

  • Samples should be small portions of your regular product range. This is bite size (<100g) for food, 60ml for soft drinks and 30ml for alcoholic beverages. You may not charge for samples.

  • All food must be stored correctly. Dry goods must be stored off the floor. Perishable goods must be kept under 5 degrees and hot food over 60 degrees. A temperature probe needs to be kept on the stand to monitor temperatures.

  • Food preparation areas must be clean and protected from contamination. All surfaces should be washable. Take particular care not to mix cooked and uncooked product on the same surface.

  • The food must be protected when on display. This can be a Perspex sneeze guard or by covering the food with plastic food wrap or keeping it in Perspex containers.

  • You need to decide if you are a high or low risk Exhibitor. You are high risk if you are cooking on the stand or serving products that include fresh dairy, seafood, meat or salads. Cooked pasta and rice are also high risk. You are low risk if your products are shelf stable and involve minimal preparation.

  • Hand washing is critical. For low risk products the communal wash areas should be fine. For high risk products you must have hand washing facilities with warm running water and paper towel on your stand. An insulated container with a tap draining into a bucket is also acceptable.

  • Where unpackaged food is to be given away it should be done in a manner that avoids handling by the public. For example, items may be portioned with a toothpick inserted. Only put out small amounts and have a staff member monitor. Condiments should be contained in squeeze dispensers or individual packs. Cups and utensils should be disposable and ideally compostable.

  • All exhibitors sampling food must be registered with the NSW Food Authority. This is easy. If you do not hold a license or notification number then you can obtain one for free at this website

We trust these guidelines help you to understand and meet the food safety regulations. However please remember the responsibility lies with the exhibitor to meet all government regulations.


The organisers will provide a security service throughout the exhibition. However, we cannot and do not take any responsibility for damage or loss of your products from any cause. We strongly advise exhibitors to insure all property for the duration of the exhibition.


Treelands Drive Community Centre, Treelands Drive, Yamba NSW 2464 (Opposite McDonalds).

Wash areas

Communal wash areas are in the two servery areas located within the building (kitchen off the main hall and sink in the Master Class room). These will provide basic preparation and cleaning facilities. Please help us to keep these areas clean by wiping down surfaces after use and reporting any problems to the organiser’s office. High risk exhibitors will require hand washing on their own stand.